Harmful if Swallowed
The dangers of teens exchanging medications among themselves.

I was aware of the dangerous practice of adults sharing medications with friends but I was horrified by an article about teens sharing prescription medications such as allergy, antibiotics, acne, etc. with their friends. In an interview of teens aged 12-17 concerning this practice, 1/5 had at some point exchanged medications and of that number 1/3 never mentioned this practice to their health care provider or parent/s.

Like teens, some people might not see how this is a problem but there are many interactions that can occur between prescription medication, OTC medication, vitamins and/or herbal supplements that can be anywhere from between minor to deadly.

If a teen shares an antibiotic with a friend...that will mean they did not take the complete course as prescribed which is a leading cause of  rebound infection and/or resistance. A pregnant girl whose friend innocently shares a common prescription medication used to treat acne could give birth to a baby with birth defeats.

I am sure this practice comes with good intent, as often among adults it is, but there is a sound reason that prescription medication comes with the label that the medication should not be taken by anyone other than who it was prescribed for.

This article only addressed the practice of exchanging non-addicting medication but the problem becomes more complicated and dangerous when the medication involved is mood altering.

You can read more about this growing problem at Teens Health

Parents...talk to your children and to any teen reader...don't risk your life...it really can be harmful if swallowed if it wasn't prescribed for you.

About the Author:
Belinda Anderson - My Pearls of Health
After working most of my life in health care focused on disease processes and treatment, following an unexpected layoff I became an advocate and promoter of people living a healthier lifestyle. I work to inform and transform lives by helping people take a look at the areas of their lives that they want to change and help them one change at a time. I feel we all have to take personal responsibility for ours and the ones we are stewards over health and wellness by making healthier choices. My dream is to see our nation over the next ten years move from one with soaring numbers of people with obesity, diabetes and other dis-eases and dis-orders to one that sets the example of how to live a life centered around prevention and wellness.

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