Sara GreenbergI have so enjoyed my cloth diapers. Once I came up with a system, they were easier to launder than I ever imagined. They are less expensive than disposables - I had a one-time $300 investment, while a neighbor of mine says she spends about $300/month on diapers & formula! (I breastfeed so don't have that expense either). I use the adjustable kind so I don't need to buy multiple sizes. I don't have to lug huge diaper containers home from the store. They are holding up so well, I plan to use them for any subsequent children (saving even more money). I also feel great not sending so much waste to the landfill (which was never meant to handle human waste)!

HOWEVER, over the past month or so I have noticed small brown gnatlike / fruit fly like insects making their "home" near my diaper pail! Ewww, we have diaper bugs! Very annyoing. They also seem to really enjoy my kitchen wipe up rags. I started to combat the problem by doing laundry more often but they come right back within a day or two. Vinegar in the bucket doesn't seem to deter them one bit. There has got to be some sort of natural remedy for these pests. I don't want to use toxic chemicals around my children.

Please help!
McLean, VA - 8 yearss ago
Amanda WartonI had the exact same problem! It must be time of year - these pesky buggers seem to be worst in humid climates in the summer & fall. I found a solution that has really worked for me!

They can't resist wine. I put a plastic bottle with a few small holes punched in the top and filled with about a half inch of red wine. Within an hour, at least 5 bugs were trapped in there - they are so attracted to the scent, but can't find their way out! It kills them pretty quickly and keeps them from flying around the house looking for other food sources.

I keep a little of the cheap stuff on hand to refill my bottle. My irritation at sharing my wine is somewhat mitigated by how well this works. So far it's a really great, all-natural & safe solution to an annoying problem!
Washington, DC - 8 yearss ago