Mary O'ConnorHealth care practitioners, yoga instructors, massage therapists etc: Pandora has a "Spa" radio station that plays all the typical treatment music, and it is all ready to go when you search 'spa' on Patients appreciate the variety instead of hearing CDs repeat every hour or so (we all love Enya, but it's great to hear a selection of her songs rather than the same ones over and over!).
Stevensville, MD - 9 yearss ago
Jeff GoldHi Mary - Yes, it's a great station, I just submitted my music to Pandora for use in their "Spa" radio station. Hopefully you'll hear a little bit in between Enya songs...actually, they really do play a nice variety of Artists...I really enjoy it...
Granada Hills, CA - 8 yearss ago
Conny JasperPandora radio is great! I listen to it all the time. And Enya is one of my favorite artists.
Somerset, NJ - 8 yearss ago