Thousand Petals
Our Services and Aroma Products are based on Ancient Wisdom bringing together the Sensuous and the Divine


Rose Howard
224 A Breckinridge Lane
Louisville, KY, 40207
United States
Main Phone: (502) 741-9612
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Thousand Petals' Mission:  Reclaim What Is Yours, Naturally! 
Thousand Petals evolved from Rose’s creative path through teaching and creating art, exhibiting organically developed paintings and clay works, journeying through spiritual dimensions of heritage and cultural interests, dreams and visions of ancient times and ways of being in the world, a calling at each step into the energy of the art of life. In the last several decades I have traveled from teaching art in school to art therapy to another art, holistically and energetically expressed in sound frequency healing, Reiki, BioGenesis, Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chen, Tai Chi - Wu Style, and an inspiring, natural world of aromatic plants and oils.   

Studying and working with herbs first, then the subtle and volatile life force of plants, their essential oils, paved the way for creating oil blends and other aromatic body products. Quality is the most important aspect in our essential oil list. We spotlight therapeutic quality essential oils. We also offer personalized blends, carrier or fixed oils, bath and body fragrant perfumes, body polishes, lip and body balms and butters, and more.    

Thousand Petals is built on the natural, and continually finds "green" ways of being, in order to renew the earth and provide our customers, old and new, an aromatic garden of fragrant, natural, handmade products that will serve their needs.  Our base ingredients, salts, fixed oils, clays, seeds, and other botanicals are procured from companies whose mission supports ethically produced and harvested botanicals, etc. We purchase our essential oils from a PhD chemist who analyzes oils from distilleries all over the world. All his essential oils are analyzed by Applied Essential Oil Research for quality assurance and must meet strict odor and analytical requirements before they are accepted for purchase. You can count on these oils and base ingredients being of the highest quality. 

    Area's of Speciality

Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, Usui & Karuna Reiki, Energy Work, Detox Services, Mystical Oil Blends & Journey Work, Meditation Groups

    Products/Services Offered
Aromatherapy Sessions & Classes,  
All Natural, Handmade Body Products & Mystical Oil Blends,  
Usui and Karuna Reiki Sessions & Classes,  
Voice Imprint Analysis with Follow-up Interpretation, Physical & Emotional Correlation Chart & Recommendations 
Sound Frequency/ Sound Vibration Healing and Expansion  
BioGenesis Light Vibration Healing,  
Chakra Opening and Balancing, Reconnecting Multiple Chakras
Herbal Consultations, 
Ionic Detox Foot Spa with Free Follow-up Reflexology/Foot Massage
    Credentials & Trainings
Masters of Art in Art, 
Masters of Art in Art Therapy, 
Usui & Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, Karuna Reiki Certified through International Center for Reiki Training, 
Herbalist Training through Hannah Kroeger Foundation, 
Aromatherapy Training through Clinical Aromatherapist
Aromatherapy Classes
     1.  Free One-Hour Presentations at Louisville Regional Libraries
     2.  All Day Beginners and Advanced Classes
Usui & Karuna Reiki Classes ~ All Levels including Master/Teacher Classes
Sound Healing Meditation and Way of the Dolphin Meditation
     Bring a small percussion instrument if you have one
    Travel Details

Next Trade Show Date/Location:  August 14/15, 2010
                                                             Spirits of Light Festival & Psychic Fair
                                                             Hilton Garden Inn
                                                             2735 Crittenden Drive
                                                             Louisville, KY 40209
                                                             Hotel # 502-637-2424

Unique Sound Event                        September 25/26, 2010
                                                             Sound Light Ascension Expo 2010
                                                             InnPlace Hotel and Conference Center
                                                             9700 Bluegrass Parkway
                                                             Louisville, KY   40299

I had a sand dollar shaped, dark spot on my left leg. It had been there since the early nineties. I saw Rose once a month for about eighteen months for detox services. She used one of her products, “Skin Nourish,” on my legs and feet during the foot reflexology part of the session. The dark spot disappeared over time, and has not come back in over a year.
Carolyn T., Louisville, KY

I have Scleraderma, an auto-immune disorder. My skin gets very dry and hard. I used Thousand Petals’ Skin Nourish Massage Oil. In two weeks, my skin not only looked better, it felt better.
Jeanne C., Mobile, AL

At our college wellness fair, Rose Howard demonstrated her expert knowledge in aromatherapy with specific knowledge of chakra oils to fit the event's sexual wellness theme. She both broadened and tailored her knowledge for our primarily campus audience. Her booth, A Thousand Petals, flourished with an array of color, conversation and information - by which she introduced students and others to aromatherapy as a holistic life enhancer.
In addition to her substantial skills and specialties, I was most impressed by her expertise as an educator and reliable collaborator for the event. Rose offers a rare combination of resources on many levels. I'm looking for a chance to feature A Thousand Petals again!
Dr. Renee R-Y

New Way Community Sanctuary
An Educational & Wellness Center for Conscious Living


New Way Community Sanctuary
709 Bethlehem Pike rear
Erdenheim, PA, 19038
United States
Main Phone: (215) 527-5457
Alt. Phone: (267) 738-9501
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New Way Community Sanctuary is an educational and wellness center for conscious living co-created by Katryn Lavanture and Tracie Nichols. Tracie and Katryn are skilled, experienced, Earthkeepers and Energy Therapists with a wide range of skills and experience which they draw on in their work.

We currently offer the community a variety of resources.   We have a weekly Wellness Clinic where up to four people receive 35-minute energy therapy sessions simultaneously, in lovingly prepared sacred space. Our community approach enhances the wellness experience, offers excellent results, and is efficient and affordable with a fee scale of just $25 - $35.  Visit our website to use our online scheduling service to schedule a wellness clinic session.

Workshops and Classes which support and encourage sustainable, respectful, human/earth relationships.  And Meditations and Gatherings which remind us that we are part of something bigger.

That our world, our culture, and our communities are in the midst of great change is no secret. New Way Community Sanctuary is our response to the growing desire we perceive for the alternative healing community to commit to sustainable life and business practices.
We are deeply grateful to be in service to our community through our work at New Way. It's even more humbling to hear how much the New Way experience means to those who visit us. To help others better understand what New Way is, and what our work offers, some New Way Sanctuary clients have graciously given us permission to share their thoughts and feedback here. We are not disclosing any names out of respect for client confidentiality and privacy.

"Sensational - in a zen way. The office itself (environment) is soothing and relaxing and definitely enjoyable. Thank you."

"An affordable healing experience where you can reset yourself...Balance, relax, recieve."

"The session yesterday was both enlightening and therapeutic. I was actually inspired to write down my reactions, and I never write."

"Very peaceful and healing. I felt more awake after my session. Rejuvenating, powerful and genuine. I would tell (other clients) that they are in good healing hands. I loved the gemstones used on me - the energy from them was amazing. The energy overall is authentic, genuine and clean and pure."

For more testimonials, please visit our website.

Holistic Counseling, Hypnosis, & Reiki Energy Healing, Miami
Counseling, Hypnosis, Regression Therapy, Reiki Energy Healing, SomaEnergetics, Energy Psychology, Spiritual Guidance


Jed's Healing Space
12965 SW 112th Ave
Miami, FL, 33176
United States
Main Phone: (305) 259-0013
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As a holistic healing professional I offer assistance and guidance to help clients create wellness in all areas of theri lives.  I believe we all have inner resources and guidance which we can access to find balance and wholeness. 

I help clients overcome dysfunctional beliefs and release old emotional energies that may be keeping them stuck and held to the past.  I seek to empower clients to move forward in their lives with enthusiasm and appreciation. I provide Reiki energy healing and spiritual healing. 

I am a certified hypnotist/hypnotherapist providing session for hypnosis/hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, healing adhd, stress management, bodywork, chakra balancing, aura cleansing, mental health counseling, somaenergetics, dna theta healing, regenetics, psych-k, neuromodulation technique, emotional release bodywork, past-life regression, aura massage, and more. 
    Area's of Speciality
Mind-Body Healing
Energy Therapies
Psycho-Spiritual Counseling
Assisting individuals and groups with a variety of mental and physical health concerns.
Extensive experience with children, including ADHD/ADD and anxiety issues.
Reiki classes and healing circles are available.
    Products/Services Offered
DNA Theta Healing
Emotional Release Bodywork
Past-Life Regression
NMT - Neuromodulation Technique

Healing body, mind, and spirit!
    Credentials & Trainings
M.S. Ed. in Counseling, University of Miami (1996)
B.A. in Psychology (1993)
LMHC (FL # MH 5806) Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Emotional Release Bodywork Practitioner
Certified SomaEnergetics Practitioner
Certified Psych-K Practitioner
Certified Neuromodulation Technique Practitioner
National Merit Scholar
Member of Positive Alternative Therapies In Healthcare
Member of American Society of Dowsers
Reiki Practitioner Trainings
Past-Life Regression Workshops
Sound Healing Events
Youth Holistic Mental Health Presentations
Visit Jed's website for coming dates and registration information.
By appointment.  Please call 305-259-0013
    Payment Details
Flexible fees and multiple forms of payment accepted.

Happy Heart Hypnosis, LLC
Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis, comfortable childbirth, preparation for surgery, stress, pain & anxiety relief, and more!


5462 Grand Blvd. Su 104
New Port Richey, FL, 34652
United States
Main Phone: (727) 741-8513
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My Mission as a consulting hypnotist is to provide the highest quality of individualized, compassionate, and effective hypnosis that facilitates rapid change for my clients leading to happy, healthy, and productive personal and professional lives. By employing effective techniques, by teaching positive thinking and self-hypnosis strategies, and by using healing energy modalities, I help my clients in the following ways:  overweight clients shed pounds naturally and safely; Mothers-to-Be create wonderful childbirth journeys; adults, teens, and children have comfortable medical, dental, and surgical journeys as well as achieve stress relief and emotional balance.  Clients use self-hypnosis and trance work to assist their unconscious minds to be more in agreement with their conscious desires – all of which will transform their lives.

I see clients in my office from New Port Richey, Hudson, Trinity, Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa, and other areas in Tampa Bay as well as work virtually with clients via the phone and Internet.

    Area's of Speciality
Weight control; comfortable childbirth; comfortable medical, surgical, and dental journeys; stress relief; smoking cessation; pain relief; and emotional balance.
    Products/Services Offered
Hypnotherapy, energy healing, coaching, pubic speaking
    Credentials & Trainings

Certified Hypnotherapist Training, UP Hypnosis Institute, FL
International Assoc. of Counselors & Therapists, Certified Member
LuxMani Energy Healing Practitioner
Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner
M.A. -Teaching English as a Second Language, Inter American University, PR

Call to schedule an appointment.  Various office hours are available.
    Payment Details
Insurance does not cover the cost of hypnotherapy at this time.  Payment for services is expected before sessions begin.  We accept most major credit cards, checks, and cash.

From Darleene S., Trinity, FL --
I was so big I could not bend over to tie my shoes. I could not cross my legs. Jan told me about the Virtual Gastric Band pilot program she was conducting, and I started it at the beginning of March 2012. And it is working for me!! I was way over 300 pounds. The first week I shed 5 pounds, and then I shed 5 more the next week. And now I don't worry about the scales because I am losing inches.

From Coral V., St. Petersburg, FL ---
I told my doctor and his staff about Comfortable Childbirth with Hypnosis the whole time I was seeing you. I can’t say it was easy, but it was quick and definitely not painful like my first!   The hypnosis for birthing worked as far as I'm concerned because if I had felt all those "waves" early on, I might have needed drugs. My husband was the non-believer in the beginning, even in the class.  He thought, “This is not what I have seen on t.v., so this will not be this way,” but he went along with me anyway. After the birth he was the first in line to say how easy it was, so even if it just makes it easier for him, it’s worth the money because men never understand our pain.

From Richard R., Oldsmar, FL ---
After using hypnosis, I went into surgery for an esophageal hernia with a joke in my mind and a smile on my face. Recovery went very well; I had minimal discomfort.

From Gail R., Holiday, FL ---
I want to thank Jan for helping over a hurdle which has been stifling me for many many years. Anxiety! Panic! Claustrophobia! Ugh, how awful. Somewhere along the way, I developed anxiety attacks, could not get on an elevator. Didn’t even consider flying. OMG being in an enclosed space, up there with hundreds of other people. What if I lost it, I could just see one of the other passengers knocking me out to keep me quiet.  No thanks! For many years, way too many, I allowed those fears to overtake my life. No more!  I am free and thanks to Jan’s patience and persistence and soft soothing voice, my world is not what it once was. I highly recommend a session with Jan if you are experiencing any anxiety, want to lose some weight, quit smoking or help with reaching your goals. I thank the woman who recommend Jan to me and recommend her to you.  She is sensational!!!!!!!!!

Helping Children Deal With Difficulties
Our children live in a world filled with hardships that can negatively impact them for the rest of their lives. When neg
About the Author:
julie roberts - Change Works Energy Psychology
Julie Roberts, Ph.D. developed CLEAR®, an energy psychology combining acupressure point therapy, bilateral stimulation (EMDR), and muscle testing, and she has written a how-to book about it (Change Works with CLEAR, Clearing Limits Energetically with Acupressure Release). Women for Women International uses CLEAR® with its participants to help them deal with trauma resulting from conflict and abuse. To contact Dr. Roberts or purchase her book:

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Wellness in Harmony
Holistic Health and Wellness Services to Nourish and Nurture Your Body and Soul


Wellness in Harmony LLC
860 E. Swedesford Rd. Ste. 200
Wayne, PA, 19087
United States
Main Phone: (484) 354-0499
Alt. Phone: (484) 354-0499
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At Wellness in Harmony, we provide holistic healing arts services to help you relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and to support you in living more fully and joyfully from the heart.


The benefits of this work include:

  • Living joyfully
  • Healing the impact of emotional trauma
  • Embracing your Power
  • Clearing limiting beliefs
  • Reducing stress
  • Increasing your sense of self-worth & self-esteem
  • Resolving self-destructive patterns
  • Re-balancing your energy system
  • Improving your relationships

Services for people are available in Phoenixville PA or via phone or Skype.  Animal Reiki Healing Sessionsavailable remotely, in home/barn within Chester County and surrounding areas, or in Phoenixville depending on animal type and needs.

    Products/Services Offered

Inner Transformation Life Coaching

Inner Transformation Life Coaching is a holistic approach to creating the life you desire that takes traditional coaching to a whole new level.  Working together in 1:1 sessions, Linda will help you discover what you truly desire to manifest in your life, help you identify and overcome blocks, and teach you skills and practices to help you heal your wounds, step into your power, learn to live from the heart, and live a life of joy.  Sessions available in Phoenixville PA or via phone or Skype.

Heart of Intimacy Relationship Coaching

The whole of our life is about relationships.  We learn, we grow, we experience through our relationships with ourselves, our families, our friends and colleagues, our lovers, and everything around us.  Relationships create fertile potential for growth in all areas of our lives and, because of this, often bring with them many challenges and conflicts that can be difficult to navigate.  You'll discover how to create and sustain more vibrant, joyful, and heart centered relationships.  You can improve your current relationships, and pave the way towards manifesting deeper, healthier relationships in your future. You will develop skills for building healthy relationships, effective communication, managing conflict, increasing intimacy, and much more.  Individual, couples, and group relationships coaching programs are available. Sessions available in Phoenixville PA or via phone or Skype.

30 Minute Private Healing/Coaching Session (Via Phone or Skype)

In these sessions, you will have the opportunity to explore an area of your life that you are struggling with, clear areas of imbalance or blockage in your field, and be offered tools to help you move forward.  These sessions are held via phone or Skype.  Upon registration, you will redirected to a site to schedule your session.

Chakra Clearing with Applied Integration ™

Chakra Clearing with Applied Integration (CCAI) is a method of chakra healing that incorporates both the energetic and consciousness aspects of the chakras.  Through this work, Linda attunes to the individual's chakras and reads the energy.  Stressed chakras are identified, as are the underlying emotions, beliefs, and/or interrelated life experiences causing the chakra imbalance. Through a gentle dialoguing process, Linda and the individual bring to light more and more of the chakra history. From this stage forward, Linda actively guides the individual to resolve the core problematic issues of the affected chakra.  Corrective strategies and active integration techniques are then employed and utilized as self-care exercises and/or practical life homework.  Through this combination of in-session and at-home applications, clients come into clear expression of the chakras.  Sessions available in Phoenixville PA or via phone or Skype.

Intuitive Reiki Energy Healing Sessions    

These healing sessions use a combination of Usui Reiki healing, Shamballa, Crystals healing, Angelic energies and intuitive guidance to support your total body wellness. All of theses energies work within the body to promote relaxation, stress relief and healing.  Through a session, energy blockages can be cleared allowing the flow of energy to the chakras or body parts in need of healing.  These are non-invasive techniques which allow the client to remain fully clothed and comfortable.  Sessions are by appointment only and available in person or via distance/absentee healing.

Intuitive Animal Reiki/Energy Healing

Reiki and Energy Healing helps to reduce anxiety, ease pain, and improve overall health and well-being for your pet.  We work with cats, dogs, horses, and other mammals, as well as birds and reptiles.  Animal Healing sessions are offered in home or in my office depending on the needs of the animal.  Pricing depends on travel time and length of the session.

Usui Reiki & Shamballa Training and Attunements

Whether you are interested in becoming more actively involved in your own transformational healing process, or seeking to bring this gift to others, Reiki training is an amazing gift.  Each training includes attunements, your initial training session, and on-going support and guidance from a certified Reiki Master.  Reiki training is available through workshops or one-on-one training sessions, including via distance training. Shamballa Multidimensional Healing training and attunements also available.

Intuitive Angelic Guidance

Receive guidance and insights from your angels to help you gain clarity around your path and specific life issues.  Angel readings are available by phone in half hour increments.  


    Credentials & Trainings

Linda J. Dieffenbach, BSW, RMT

Linda has learned from many masterful teachers and healers who have both facilitated her own journey into personal healing and wholeness and have shared their wisdom and skills with her which she now brings forward and applies along with her own gifts to support others in coming into full expression of their heart and wholeness of their being.  She has also studied the work of many of the great living masters of our times and applies their wisdom into her work.

Training and certifications:
Chakra Clearing with Applied Integration: Elizabeth Frediani
Animal Communication and Healing: Kim Pickett
Heart IQ Mastery Coach: Christian Pankhurst
Usui Reiki Master Teacher: Lorien Carrillo
Shamballa Reiki Multidimensional Healing – Master Teacher: Tacey Tomassetti
Life Coaching: Shad Helmstetter & Christian Pankhurst
Bachelor of Social Work: West Chester University
Ordination to the Order of Melchizedek: Dan Chesbro
Munay Ki Rites: Terri Remedio 


We offer a variety of classes, workshops, teleseminars and events throughout the year.  Visit our website for our current schedule:


Private Sessions available by appointment.

    Payment Details

We Accept Cash, Checks, Credit/Debit, and PayPal.


“Linda's nurturing, compassionate nature and gentle intuition blend very well with the deep work and healing modalities she offers.   She is someone who truly cares and it shows.   For me, healing involves opening yourself up and allowing yourself to be vulnerable.   Linda creates a space and atmosphere of safety, understanding and acceptance to do just that.  She helps illuminate blind spots and offers real world solutions for change.  Through working with Linda, I am able to be kind to myself at times where I previously would have fallen into shame, guilt and judgment.  Since my son was killed, Linda’s healing brought me peace in the middle of an ocean of despair, and gave me a glimpse of unconditional love, and the knowing that I am not alone in this.  I am still and always will be a work in progress, but I have more positive things in my toolbox to work with.” – Corrine, Honey Brook PA

"Hi Linda, I would like to say thank you for helping with the many issues I am dealing with.  The chakra clearings are extremely helpful.  The sessions both in person and on the phone are amazing.  I also enjoyed the retreat.  The next day proved to be both positive and productive.  I am grateful for you and your gifts. Thank you again and see you soon!" - Ruthann, Pottsville PA

"Linda has been working with me on some very personal issues from my past. Combining healing energy with counseling giving me a great sense of comfort to to open up and speak freely to release old wounds. She has helped me release a lifetime pain and see myself as a whole person filled with light & love." - Maria 

"Linda has an amazing sensitivity towards her clients. I immediately felt comforted and at ease. The long term results of the healing process are priceless. With Linda, everyone can achieve the benefits of this practice." - Regina, Edison, NJ 

"Linda is a skilled practitioner in several healing arts. She can make a person feel at ease in the space she creates, and facilitates a smooth transition from the stresses of a normal day to a magickal healing journey. You can expect gentle guidance as you explore vulnerable parts of yourself, and emerge feeling like you’ve accomplished something meaningful." - Kathryn, Chester Springs, PA 

A Simple Explanation of Reiki
Explaining Reiki and how it works in a simple and understandable way