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GOLDEN LIGHT LLC, Pranic Healing Center
3002 Lincoln Drive West Suite B
Marlton, NJ, 08053
United States
Main Phone: (856) 216-7531
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The Golden Light LLC, Pranic Healing and Meditation Center is a premier Pranic Healing School and Clinic in the greater Delaware Valley area, Continuing Education Provider with different Certification Boards. Our humanitarian mission is to promote Pranic Healing and Meditation as a simple and enjoyable way to well-being and fulfillment. Our way is the way of harmony, peace and balance. We have been actively studying Inner Sciences for a long time to come to the conclusion that many physical and emotional sufferings can be alleviated or prevented by applying techniques to clean and balance our physical and energy bodies, by following simple rules of energy hygiene, by opening ourselves to the Light, to everything that is GOOD. More on the web:
    Area's of Speciality
We are Full-time Certified Pranic Healers, Pranic Healing School and Pranic Healing store. Check our website first: Please call us with your problems or your questions.
    Products/Services Offered
  • Pranic Healing Full-time Clinic: sessions in-person or remote by Certified Pranic Healers, Authorized Instructors by Master Choa Kok Sui, the Founder of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. Please call us with your problems, no obligations.
  • Pranic Healing Courses
  • Pranic Healing Store
    Credentials & Trainings
We are Certified Pranic Healers and Authorized Pranic Healing Instructors.
Continuing Education Providers by NCBTMB, NASW, NCCAOM.
We offer Basic Pranic Healing, Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Pranic Crystals, Psychic Self-Defense For Home and Office, Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul classes.

Please call us at 856-216-7531, email at or check our websites: and for complete schedule.
    Who We Serve
All people who needed help.
    Support Our Work
If you like what we do and would like to be a part of this mission, your donations are welcome. To donate, click on the link: Enter any amount at checkout.

Our working hours: 9 to 5 For emergency we are available 24/7. Please sign-up for Emergency Healing session first:

    Travel Details
We will travel to your location if you are willing to organize a class for us. Please call us to discuss any details.
For now, we cover New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.
    Payment Details
We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, personal checks, cash.
The payment is expected before the healing session starts.
Testimonials for the Healing Sessions:
Testimonials for our Classes:
    Additional Information
Golden Light is the biggest Continuing Education Provider of Pranic Healing on the East coast. We are flexible and open to any suggestions.

We are looking for a nurse with BS to get us certified with with AHNA. Any suggestions are appreciate it.

Healing Energetics - REIKI Master & EFT - with Shafiya
Clear disrupted energy patterns for a healthy dynamic life. Be restored!


Northern Neck - Middle Peninsula of VA
181 Plainview Road
Kinsale, VA, 22488
United States
Main Phone: (804) 580-0702
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Shafiya has been an energy-healing practitioner for 16 years and utilizes two essential energy-bases therapies, Reiki and EFT. 

Reiki is the "laying on of hands" for stress and relaxation that promotes healing. 

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a gentle tappping procedure which clears the body's energy meridians. 
Both address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances.

Shafiya is a Reiki Master/Teacher and EFT Specialist. Her specialities are abuse, trauma, and chronic illness.

    Credentials & Trainings
Reiki Master Teacher, EFT Coach, Healing Touch Level I, II, IIIA, Advance Energy Intervention Levels I, II , III, Quantum Touch, Bio-Magnetics

Learn to Channel Your Energy!

Saturday May 2 from 1-6:00 PM
At Spa2U
25 Augusta St, KILMARNOCK
Cost $70 Repeaters: $60
Register by April 30. Thank you!
Tap into your personal sustainable renewable energy
 Learn techniques for centering and grounding your energy
 Learn Gold Sun Technique
 Release negative energy & reclaim your scattered self 
 Learn to work with your chakras and aura
 Learn to channel your own energy
 Raise your vibration to self-heal and heal others
 Learn techniques to heal yourself and others
 Learn Therapeutic Touch basics to clear auras and heal
 Learn to balance chakras

Shafiya Eve: bio-energy healing practitioner and teacher for 16 years.
A REIKI Master/Teacher and EFT Coach, she incorporates Reiki, EFT and Healing Touch in her practice.
(804) 580-0702
Please register by April 30. Thanks! 

UPCOMING CLASSES & WORKSHOP Dates & locations to be

Kim Ruch-Alegant, Certified Energy Coach
Yoga, laughter yoga, EFT/tapping, energy work. Moms and lawyers are some of our clients. Trauma yoga for vets.


Freedom Healing &Wellness LLC
Philadelphia, PA, 19116
United States
Main Phone: (215) 913-5861
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We work with people who have trouble achieving their goals to become successful, whether personally or professionally.  We use EFT/tapping and other engery techniques to get you where you want to be.  These methods work for anyone, but we particularly enjoy working with working mothers who feel guilty and lawyers who feel overwhelmed.  Our website is Check out our blog here.

    Area's of Speciality

Pain relief, women, weight loss, EFT training,  working moms who feel guilty, people who are stuck

    Products/Services Offered

Energy healing and coaching, workshops, teleseminars, keynote speaking

    Credentials & Trainings

Certified Energy Coach, EFT/Tapping practitioner, Mom


Thoughts Are Power, Intro to EFT/Tapping for Weight Loss.  Go to for details and to register.

    Who We Serve

Women in particular, but really anyone who is open to using energy healing to release pain and make themselves better people

    Payment Details

We take cash (in person only), checks, credit cards online or via fax.

22 Strand DNA Activation
A Gentle, Light Process that Will Help You! Truly!A Powerful, Pure Boost for You.
About the Author:
Charlie Goedken - Pure Empowerment thru Lightwork

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Joan Campbell Spiritual Psychic Intuitive - Author - Teacher
Soul Calling Psychic Readings and Soul Calling Intensives (DNA Clearings)


My Address
396 Woodland Avenue
Middletown, PA, 17057
United States
Main Phone: (717) 944-4617
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Softly and tenderly your Soul is calling. Are you willing to listen? Joan Campbell is a Spiritual Psychic Intuitive and has been gifted with Soul Essence Readings. In the Soul Calling Psychic Reading, your Soul Essence comes in and gives specific information about the next step of your Soul Journey and provides specific instructions on how to achieve that next step. In addition to the Soul Calling Readings, Joan facilitates Soul Calling Intensives which transform your life by accessing and releasing information stored in the DNA from past lives and ancestral history that is blocking your Soul’s Journey. All sessions are taped for your convenience and telephone sessions are also available.    BOOKS: Synergistic Energy Connection & Journey Back in Time with Jesus. CDs: The Golden Seed & Rainbow Swirl   Joan facilitates original workshops that assist others to bring balance, peace, and empowerment into their lives.--Certified as a Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Reflexologist, & Healing Touch. 
    Products/Services Offered
Soul Path Psychic Readings

DNA Clearing Intensives (DNA Repatterning)

"Journey Back in Time with Jesus, Walking through the Chaos and Confusion"
"The Synergistic Energy Connection"

The Goldne Seed
The Rainbow Swirl

    Credentials & Trainings
Reiki Master/Teacher
Hypnotherapist National Guild
Healing Touch Practitioner

Coral M. Still-Glosser, Holistic Healer
Offering Raindrop Technique and Reiki/Energy work


At Talus - A Therapeutic Spa
1288 Greensprings Rd.
York, PA, 17403
United States
Main Phone: (717) 840-9889
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     I work at Talus - a therapeutic salon, in the Gabriel Brothers shopping center in York PA on Monday and Wednesday.  You may call to schedule an appoint for either a Raindrop Technique or Reiki/Energy session for those days. 
     Raindrop Technique involves the use of therapeutic grade essential oils on the shoulders, feet and spine to support a healthy immune system.  It is very relaxing, relieves stress and helps you feel better all around.  Reiki is a hands-on-healing technique which involves moving energy through, around and within your body to remove blockages of stagnant energy which can lead to states of dis-ease.  It helps with a variety of issues - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
     Raindrop is 1.5 hours and costs $75; Reiki is 1 hour and costs $50. There are 1/2 hour versions of each modality available at lesser rates.  Call for info or email me.

Judith Kohnen, RN, CHt, SC-C, CHTP
Spiritual Counseling / Hypnotherapy / Healing Touch / Reiki


With Open Heart
13622 Hull St. Rd
Midlothian, VA, 23112
United States
Main Phone: (804) 247-4667
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Discover your True Self through Creativity and the Art of Natural Healing. 

Offering a wide range of education, as well as a variety of natural healing modalities.  

Energy Medicine, Healing Touch, and several forms of Reiki are the energy-based modalities I use in restoring harmony and balance to the body and help facilitate self-healing.   

My training in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy can help with weight problems, smoking, and other addictive habits, fears, phobias, anxiety, stress, and past life issues. Hypnotherapy is also a wonderful way to increase self-awareness, intuition, and inner wisdom.  

Reflexology & Thai Yoga Bodywork available to those seeking to energize and detoxify the body through acupressure and stretching techniques.  

Classes & Workshops available for group & individual instruction: Intuitive Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Sekhem-Seichem, Intro to Energy Healing, Developing Your Intuitive Self, Improving Eyesight, Self-Hypnosis, Exercise the Edgar Cayce Way, Facercise, and more.

The Powerful Potential of BodyTalk to Help Us Heal
From explorer of life to cancer patient, this highly trained nurse, clinical specialist, teacher, organizational consult

From explorer of life to cancer patient, this highly trained nurse, clinical specialist, teacher, organizational consultant and leadership coach has finally found her real life’s work.