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Dancer, healer, teacher, practitioner & facilitator for transformation of mind, body & spirit through healing arts!


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  I believe we are all part of a cosmic dance, some are aware of it, some are not and as we all dance our own styles,  hip hop, ballet or the tango, our individual moves take us to the same the purest deepest part of our hearts and souls.      First, my thanks and gratitude go to my spiritual teacher, friend and colleague Derek O'Neill who has helped me see the truth of who I AM, and who has loved and supported me with every dance along the way. Derek is also a master healer and has trained and initiated me to facilitate More Truth Will Set You Free Workshops, Rising Star Initiations and Sessions, Prema Birthings and Prema Agni's. I believe these healing modalities to be very powerful and most loving and can assist in anyone's transformation.  
For more information about Derek and His work go to
   I also provide Dynamic Dance Healings, Emotional Cord Cuttings, Reiki Sessions & Initiations, Private Yoga, Cutting the Binds that Tie and Web Working.     This past year I spent volunteer teaching in Thailand where I was trained to teach the philoshophy of Educare. It intergrates  spirituality and living your life by the values of Love, Peace, Truth, Right Conduct & Non Violence.  In this class we use meditation and surrender to bring up and out the pearls of wisdom that we all need to meet the challenges of our lives.    I AM happy to assist you with great humility and service. Namaste. 
    Area's of Speciality
I AM but a conduit for Spirit to work through me, I AM NOT THE DOER,  so whatever work your are drawn to is completely special and will be facilitated for the greatest and highest good. 
Of all the various types of healing work that I offer, the one that I find to be the most unique and enjoyable is the Dynamic Dance Healing.  It is a physical journey that creates the space for your to freely express your feelings from your deepest depths. 
    Products/Services Offered
The following list is of the private healing sessions that I  Am honored to offer~ 

Prema Birthing
This is a beautiful and unique modality that has been recently channeled by Spiritual Teacher and Healer Derek O'Neill. Prema Birthing has been manifested to assist us into the new consciousness of being in alignment with the growing emergence of the Divine Feminine in all aspects of our lives. Prema means love in sanskrit, so one transmutes ultimately into a rebirthing into love, and thus a deeper form of self love.
 Every time a person experiences this healing technique, they cancel karmic programs that were running during the time between signing one's birth contract and their physical birth. These programs may still be running one's life in a limiting way. The focus is on etherically cutting any negative cords with the birth mother, allowing you to shed any outdated patterns that may prevent you from fully experiencing your capacity to nurture yourself and others. 
During a Prema Birthing healing session, the Divine Mother and Divine Father come together to become the clients parents, as the old cord to the physical mother is cut by Archangel Micheal's Sword of Truth. 
The Prema Birthing healing sessions are filled with the most gracious and gentle loving energies that bring about a comforting and freeing joy! 

Rising Star 
The Rising Star Healing System is so simple and yet so powerful. It brings your body, mind, and spirit back into balance. It encompasses all other healing systems on the planet. It is a living energy- as new healing systems come onto the planet, the Rising Star incorporates them into itself. 
A session works on all levels- physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, etheric, and energetic- all 7 body systems, and all major chakras. It raises the vibration of the aura and transfers divine life energy to the part of your being that needs it most. It is one of the most complete energy healing systems available. 
For more information about the above healings or Derek O'Neill go to 

Emotional Cord Cutting 
This helps to free you from unwanted attachments and strengthens the positive connections in your life. 
As we live our lives we create emotional attachments to other people. They can be between family,  friends, co-workers, clients or past intimate relationships. Actual physical energetic cords are created between you between you and any other person you have an emotional connection with. Through each one of these cords you are continually feeding other people your own energy. Having an emotional cord cutting can help you release from past romantic relationships, otherwise this energy keeps running for 7 years after the relationship has ended. If you are grieving from a loss it helps you to let go. If you are a performer, nurse/doctor, teacher or in a business where you serve many clients and feel drained from these activities you can get release. 
By literally cutting all your etheric cords, this modality severs the emotional and energetic attachments you have with other people. Your positive cords will grow back quickly and you will experience a greater degree of energy and emotional autonomy as you re-establish the positive connections you choose to make in your life.

Web Working
There are many different wonderful aspects to web working, so I will name my favorite with brief descriptions.
Light Body~This is a form of etheric surgery and can help with anything. There can be tears, holes or shredding in your Light Body that causes problems physically
Vows~Present, past or even past lives we may anchor vow locks into our chakras and take them with us. Examples:marriage, secrecy, elegance, religion, divorce, ect. This releases them fully and consciously.
Boundaries~when we have weak boundaries our energy spews out called vortices, it may cause accidents, rage, power struggles, asthma, panic attacks, or fear of present moment. Or we suck energy in causing whirlpools and can cause lupus, deep grief, selfishness, drug abuse and worthiness issues.
Flowering of Gifts~Atlantean origin, these gifts are from the Angels, Devis, & Fairy Realms
Toxic Drain~Amazing process to detox the body. Can be done on specific organs or body systems, even the mental and emotional.
Flic You Bic~Fill your body with Love & Light. Good for depression & burn out.
Dimensional Healing~We are multi dimensional beings and this heals 144 dimensions. Very Powerful1
Arcturian Star~Comes from a galactic loving race to help humans achieve higher consciousness. This modality helps to access gifts directly from the Cosmic Mind.
Stem Cells~Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that can become any cell and placed whereever you need healthy ones.

Cutting the Ties That Bind
Extremely powerful technique to separate contracts with others that are not for the highest good now. It can also be used for addictions of any kind. It is recommended to do it with parents and close family members where there has been separation. It does not remove people from your lives, only the negativity.
Once done with the facilitator it becomes a tool for the client to use.
    Credentials & Trainings
Donna is proud to say she is an active Gold Member of SQ-Wellness Worldwide. This spiritual based organization is focused on transforming lives first by love. She has been trained and initiated by its founder, Spiritual Teacher and Master Healer Derek O'Neill. 
Donna also has earned a Bachelor of Science in teaching, specializing in Physical Education, Health  & Dance. She  is a certified dance teacher from Dance Educators of America, Reiki Master,trained Hospice volunteer, and AFAA trained. Donna has also become an ordained Minister in the Church of the Sacred Earth. 
Most recently she finished training in Thailand as a teacher and educator of Sathya Sai Baba's Educare philosophy.   

More Truth Will Set You Free Workshops~    
This is a powerful playshop that awakens your creativity to be who you are!  
In this transformational workshop you will enter a powerful healing vortex to support you and help you strip away what you no longer need to carry. You will hear engaging stories and take personal journeys with channeled meditations and inspirational  music, while challenging yourself and your belief systems that keep you stuck repeating the same scenario over and over.  
  If you are looking for a change for the better, or just want an extra boost on your spiritual journey no matter what that may be, please come and join this enlightening workshop.  
Awaken your creativity to be who you are, while holding a space of love for yourself and others like never before.  You may be surprised about what you learn in these workshops, but more importantly you Will Be TRANSFORMED!  

  Rising Star Healing System~ Practioners Initiation Workshop  
Become a practioner of the most COMPLEMENTERY healing system on the planet at this time!
The Rising  Star Healing System is so simple and yet so powerful. It brings your body, mind and spirit back into balance. The Rising Star encompasses all other healing systems on the planet. It is a living energy- as new healing systems come onto the planet, the Rising Star incorporates them into itself.   
A Rising Star healing session works on all levels-physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, etheric, and energetic,- all 7 body systems, and all major chakras. It raises the vibration of the aura (human energy field), and the energy field around every living thing. It transfers divine life energy to the part of your being that needs it the most. It is one of the most complete energy healing systems available.  
 During these powerful Practioner Initiation Workshops, you will receive a Source to Source Rising Star Initiation. This is a very pure and direct lineage. Help yourself and others LIVE TO THE FULLEST, NOT JUST SURVIVE  
The above powerful workshops come from Derek O'Neill, for more information about Him
or the services go to    

Dynamic Dance  A Dance Exploration Into  Your Self  
I invite you to join me in discovering through movement, guided meditation and music ways to connect or reconnect your own rhythm with that of the inner rhythm of The Dynamic Dance of the Divine.  
  Come explore the pure essence of dance: a blissful, free, organic celebration of life, illuminated by the heart's yearning to merge with source. 
Since the beginning of time, dance has been a way of inviting the Sacred to be present. To be One with your movement is a way to be here now with Source.  Experience listening to your body's innate need to express itself and free yourself from unnecessary tensions and self inposed limitations. By letting go you allow yourself to open your heart more, first to yourself and then sharing that love with others.   
This class incorporates individual adventures and group interactions which help to mirror our relationship to how we treat ourself.  
No prior movement experience needed and this class may incorporate a variety of dance styles. Mostly free form dance is used to feel the soul speaking and its longing to manifest creation in a gentle, harmonious and imaginative way.   It is fun as well as a great source of exercise! 

Reiki Initiations
Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that allows Life Force Energy to improve health and treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit. It is a multidemsional healing art. It is the science of  activating, directing, and applying Universal Energy to promote balancing, healing and harmony to maintain a positive state of wellness.  The goal of this teaching is self empowerment through unconditional love and acceptance for self and others Workshop Trainings:   Levels 1,2,3, and Master  

If a full class description is not listed above it doesn't mean it is not offered.
Please email for the latest update on classes offered.
    Payment Details
All services must be paid in cash.

Payment plans are available upon request ahead of time.
Prema Birthing
"After receiving the Prema Birthing I opened my eyes and looked around. I felt that for the first time in my life I have a reason to be in this world. I felt that I don't have to hide any more who I really am. Some of the walls separating myself from the Divine Love were knocked down. I am closer and I am more free."   Estera/Poland

Dynamic Dance
"After class I always felt renewed, regenerated, connected, in the moment, & just plain good about what I had just done for myself."   Tina/NJ

" I was looking for something in movement that was spiritually based and yet not over-regimented and 'serious' like a lot
of yoga and dance pretentiously attempts to be. It was a joy and a delight and I look forward to the next one. I think all ages and body types can benefit from (re) connecting to their instrument through the gifts that this class offers. Too often spiritual people deny themselves the pleasure of being in their bodies and thus expressing from the heart and this class I am sure will help release those blocks and issues in a way I have never seen before. 
I know it did for me. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE."   AC/NY

" I HIGHLY recommend the Dynamic Dance class. I attended in NYCity and it was SOOOOOOOO
helpful to me in shifting thru some of my own uncomfortableness in my own body, as I was going thru major internal changes. It was FUN/Joyful/Challenging (you don't have to be an athlete to benefit from this class: you challenge yourself whether you choose to move in fast paced rhythms or slow fluid movements) and totally shifted my energy from frustration to groundedness. The theme of the class was Surrender. Love always"   Rebecca/NY

Prema Agni
"While receiving Prema Agni I felt so much gentle, sweet love flowing through my heart. Sometimes after receving it that  pure energy I feel like my heart chakra is a big stream of air directed on the middle of my back. The most beautiful thing is that I knew this energy of love before. I felt it a few times in meditation but didn't know what is was called."   Estera/Poland