Veronica Drake
Intuitive Guidence to Simplify Life


Easton, PA, 18045
United States
Main Phone: (610) 297-6086
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Weaving Passion & Purpose With Vision
As a Self Development Practitioner she inspires clients to explore their spiritual self. In an era when the pursuit of self-improvement often means hiring personal trainers, fad diets and therapists, as the spiritual advisor – Veronica is heeding the call of people who speak of inner guidance systems and reconnecting to their heart to enable them to live balanced authentic lives.

She is a professional, extremely gifted and uniquely talented intuitive who blends compassion, and humor with charisma. Creating an open and safe environment she supports her clients to reveal and release. Her gift of intuition supports people to move past obstacles and live life with Purpose and Passion.

People Veronica has worked with
Mariel Hemingway, actress & author
Cynthia Lee, Fox News anchor and Founder of Motah
Joan Borysenko, author
Lynn Robinson, author and intuitive
Alison Baughman, numerologist & radio host
Jarrod Spencer, Psy.D. Founder of Mind of the Leader,
Scott Blum, author and co-founder of Daily OM
Marci Shimoff, teacher on The Secret and author of Happy For No Reason
Debra Poneman, founder of Yes to Success

    Area's of Speciality
Connecting YOU with YOUR Inner Knowing ~  we all have our own answers let's explore together!
    Products/Services Offered

Intuitive Readings Monthly Retainer Option Struggling to find a career that fulfills you Looking for that “one” special relationship Is being in the “know” important to you What if I told you I could show you how to find your own answers intuitively! That’s’s all within you and with my expert guidance and powerful questions you will become the expert of YOUR LIFE! Together we will work with Tarot Cards to tell your story. The story that will reveal the path of least resistance to you. Are you ready to journey into “knowing”? 
4 Hours to be used with a month. 
A personally written story to reveal your answers limited email access to support you as you journey me for more details & payment options ______________
Individual Soul Reading Session This session is a great way to start working with Ronnie as an intuitive guide. She offers 30 minutes or one hour sessions. register for a Soul Reading Session 

Soul Inquiry Package This three (3) session package is the ideal follow-on for your individual Soul reading. Session 1 puts steps in place to manifest what your Soul's intentions are. Some tools used in this session include connecting to your Soul through meditation, heart Q&A, and journaling. Ronnie will also keep the energy clear and hold the space for you to reveal exactly what needs to come out. 
Session 2 incorporates tools to help you access your own intuition. With this process it is Ronnie's intention to support you in gaining acceptance and clarity with your gifts so that you are empowered to rely Soul-ly on your "gut feelings." (a.k.a. INTUITION) 
Session 3 brings forth your Soul Blueprint to create your desired life. You will experience what living life on Purpose feels like. You are in control and you always have been, but now you embrace it and joyfully move forward! . -

One-on-One Holistic Coaching Would you benefit from having a self-development partner as you implement the vision of your Soul? Do you want ongoing intuitive guidance and accountability toward your Soul goal? One-on-one holistic coaching is a great solution for people who are deeply committed to manifesting their Soul purpose in action and results. This monthly package includes four one-hour sessions and unlimited email coaching with Ronnie personally.  register for monthly Holistic Coaching 

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"Ronnie has a wonderful sweet and feminine energy that guides you easily into yourself... she reveals things in your being that are powerful to your path...I was very excited to have learned some things I was not allowing myself to know... Ronnie is gifted..".

Mariel Hemingway 

"Veronica simply has a gift from her heart. The way she communicated, and with such accuracy with having no prior knowledge of me, was sincere on point and delivered with compassion and understanding. Her gift is remarkably clear and I felt comfortable with her and ultimately internal comfort from connecting with her. Thank you so much!"

Kelly Kimball 

I have had numerous readings over the years by some of the most renown intuitives, astrologers, and spiritual guides in the world.Few, if any, were as profound as Veronica. Truthfully, some of the guidance she pulled in was mind-blowingly accurate... Veronica has a gift and it is offered with so much love and joy that it's worth the price of admission just to be in her energy field!
Debra Poneman 

"Veronica Drake is the real deal! She is taking the radio world by storm with her incredible depth of spiritual knowledge mixed with her genuine compassion for all human beings. Warm, transparent, and sassy, Veronica is an emerging star in the mind-body-spirit sector of personal growth information. She will move you, provoke you, and empower you...leaving you with a feeling of wanting to be in her presence even more!"
Dr. Jarrod Spencer, Psy.D, founder of Mind of the Leader